The origins project


In 1980 (at the age of 16) William developed a special technique to make some unique paintings. In a world of phantasy and imagination (inspired by music, science, fiction and technology) he created 32 worlds called Origins.

However at that time there were no possibilities to show the works public because they were so small-scale. Although he wished that everyone could see the fascinating worlds with all their colours and details on a large format there were no means to realise that. And so everything kept stored on ceilings for more than 40 years.


“Forever” (detail)


In 2018 William got in touch with Grieger International Fine Art in Düsseldorf (Germany) and discovered their advanced techniques and high tech facilities to reproduce his paintings form 1980 on a very large scale.

After spending many days at Veit Fotodesign in Ratingen (Germany), to have all the 32 Origins photographed in the best possible way, the work at Grieger could finally begin. The first images were realised and evaluated. Eventually the whole project would take almost two years to get everything right. But the outcome was amazing. Exactly how the works were meant to be seen back in 1980. And so, after all those years, a boy’s dream came true.

“Ocean Deep”



Description: In Diasec* on Dibond mounted professional FineArt of the original paintings from 1980.
Number of works: 32 Origins. One time only editions.
Realisation: Produced by William Ankone Art (in cooperation with Grieger International Fine Art, HENI group).

32 Origins (editions). Each edition limited to 3.
Dimension: 170 x 280 cm.
Price: € 12.500,- 


  • All works numbered and signed on the reverse
  • Holographic watermark on the reverse.
  • Certificate of authenticity included.
  • Original Grieger wall-mounting system included.
  • Worldwide shipping available (costs depending on country and region).

*) Diasec® is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process and was the first system that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to Acrylic sheet. Photographs are mounted to high exhibition standards without borders and eliminate the need for a traditional picture frame. Diasec is a worldwide trademark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, who developed the technique in 1969. Diasec is neutral curing and has an in-built ultra violet light filter. It contains no plasticizers and is resistant to fungicidal matter, bacterial agents and air-bourne pollutants. After curing the whole airtight panel remains chemically inert and stable. 
Diasec® panels are backed with Dibond, reinforcing the rigidity of the finished picture and providing a beautiful profile when viewed from the side. The back plate also enables the attachment of a custom made aluminium sub-frame (Grieger wall-mounting system) that allows the artwork to hang on the wall, from where it will appear to “float” with no obvious means of support. Diasec® is the worlds most avanced, patented exhibition method. The magic of the Origins will stay.


Many thanks to Christian Veit and Lars Noack for working with me on this project.
“A journey from the past into the future.”

William Ankone